Friday, July 30, 2010

What Our Days Look Like

This post is mostly for me, so I can remember how sweet these baby days were when they are past. Julia is growing so fast, it hurts. Me, that is. I've not allowed myself to dwell on it, but there's a sadness in my heart that her newborn days are over. I recently had my sister's kids over for the day and as her 6 year old daughter, Ainsley, was playing with Julia, she said: It's so fun when they start eating and crawling and walking.
Oh yea! I had forgotten about all that! I have so much to look forward to!

Julia's has a very consistent schedule. Here's what life has looked like the past couple of months:

7ish: Julia wakes up, so I wake up and nurse her. We go downstairs together and have an hour to ourselves before the other kids awake.

8:30am: I wake up the kids who aren't awake yet (Maya & Lydia, that is). We have breakfast, read Psalms & Proverbs, do our memory verse for the week and clean up.

9am: Julia goes down for her morning nap. School begins: the big kids do seatwork (math, writing, phonics) & the littles color and practice writing. I workout if they don't need supervision. If they do, I workout later or don't.

10am: Rug time: I read our history or science book or we do Latin, depending on the day.

10:30am: Chore time. I throw dinner and possibly lunch in the crock-pots and then check everyone's chores. "Kids do what you inspect, not what you expect"-- that wisdom has changed my life.

11ish: Julia wakes up & I nurse her. Some kids are still working on chores. Others are reading. Then we all play with Julia for a good long while.

Noon: Lunch time. No school during this time. This is the social hour.

1pm : Julia goes down for her afternoon nap. Kids play together while I have some blog, read, or scrapbook.

2pm I read to the kids while they fold laundry or put clean sheets on their beds.

3ish Julia wakes up and I nurse her. Daniel & Lydia take a nap. I take a nap. Maya babysits Julia.

5pm Julia goes down for her evening nap. I wake up. We all tidy the house for Daddy and set the table for dinner.
5:30 Kyle's home. He hugs all the kids then has time alone with me before dinner.

7pm Clean up from dinner. Julia wakes up & I nurse her before giving her time with Daddy.

8:30ish Julia goes to bed. The kids are all getting ready for bed.

9pm The kids got to bed. It's Mommy & Daddy time. :)

Life is good.


GirlInductive said...

Is 2:00 pm read-aloud or read-to- yourself time?

Ginger said...

I read to them while they're folding.

Dusti said...

Oh.. be still my heart.. shes got such cute thigh chub and ankle rolls.

Nealy said...

Julia's schedule is much the same as yours was, only you crammed all that sleep into two naps instead of three. She sleeps slightly less that you did your first year and it still amazes me how much you slept! No wonder you always woke up so happy!

Wish I could take pics of your kids without their eyes turning red. What's your secret?

Ginger said...

My camera. The kids eyes all turn out red w/ Maya's camera too.

MamaMahnken said...

Your 6 month old still takes 3 naps a day? I'm so jealous. Though if it's genetic, as Nealy seems to be suggesting, perhaps I have only myself to blame...

PS: forget Julia - why are you letting Lydia get so grown up???