Monday, August 2, 2010


What do you think?


Mrs T said...

this hits home. last night we watched Forrest Gump and I didn't remember all the cursings used in it.

My soul cringed each time I heard it but I didn't turn it off. Hubby doesn't see it as an issue and so I don't say anything anymore so we don't get into arguments. I can't be his Holy Spirit.

Ginger said...

How are you witnessing to your husband by accepting the same blasphemy he does?

Edward and Gretchen said...

I think I've said this once before, but I think Ray Comfort is an amazing man of God. Great video clip. We just canceled our Netflix account. We say we don't have television but then get sucked into video watching on our computer. Not that videos are always bad but it is really hard to be disciplined to only watch the few movies that are God honoring or maybe an educational documentary. Ed decided to put our family on a 3 month media fast. It has been great and I am excited to see the fruit in our family after the 3 months is over. Maybe it will be a permanent change.

The last movie we watched was "Faith Like Potatoes"...great flick.

Chas said...

I so love the work that he and Kirk Cameron are doing, it is exciting and inspiring.
Thanks for sharing and we feel the same way.
We used to not worry too much about the words in movies.
The Lord completely convicted our hearts and our movie selection has dramatically changed.

Ruth said...

I am just broken-hearted when I read of followers of Christ giving high accolades for movies that contain blasphemy and dishonoring parents. They tend to look at the ten commandments and overlook a few, while focusing on the biggies like murder.

Mrs. T, does your husband prefer you to be with him during viewing or is there something else you could do like read?