Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Book Reviews: A Disappointment & A Pleasant Surprise

I don't know what possessed me to pick up this book, given the wild claim on the cover. Eat all the calories and carbs you want? Well, it turns out the author believes all breads, pastas, and rice to be just like eating cake. Apparently, his claim on the cover was just to make you buy the book. Roger Wilson also states that non-processed foods make you lose weight, while processed foods make you gain weight. But then he goes on to recommend chemical sweeteners over real sugar, and highly processed low-fat milk and cheeses, instead of the real deal. I don't get it.
The book does have a couple of good tips for improving our diet and accomplishing weight loss. For instance, he recommends eating fruit in place of the sugar you crave, and eating gobs of it until you begin to crave fruit instead of sweets. The title is based on the author's belief that lunch should be the biggest meal of the day, rather than dinner. Thus, lunch should be jam-packed with protein to get you through the rest of the day. These are good ideas. Overall, this book should be taken with a grain of salt and generally speaking, I don't recommend it.
from Thomas Nelson to review.

Don't Make Me Count to Three, however, was a very pleasant surprise. I will say up front that I don't like the title and it turned me off the book for a long while. But this book was ill-named. I think a better title would be: How to Shepherd a Child's Heart (I'm referencing the most excellent parenting book Shepherding a Child's Heart). Don't Make Me Count to Three is chock-full of practical examples for addressing our children's' hearts, instead of just correcting the outward behavior.
Disobedience is just a symptom of a sinful heart. If we only correct their behavior and don't address their heart, we miss it completely. I love this book!
Disclaimer: I paid for this book and I'm reviewing it simply because I loved it so much.


Ben and April said...

Don't Make Me Count to 3 is one of my favorite parenting books, so practical!!!

Patricia L said...

I just reviewed Let's Do Lunch as well and have similar opinions about it. For not being a "fruit diet" or "low carb diet" he sure seems to recommend a lot of fruit and discourage most carbs. Hmmm.

MamaMahnken said...

So, you're swapping all those free books you didn't care for, right?

Ginger said...

Maybe . . .