Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Homeschool Scope & Sequence

This blog post was forwarded to me in response to my article, Are They On Track? I love it and wanted to share. (It starts at 1 year of age and ends at 20; I just wanted to give you a glimpse.)

Christian Homeschool Scope & Sequence

Age 5-6

  • Fully aware of example to younger siblings
  • Able to watch little ones responsibly and play well with them for a short period of time in a specific area
  • Demonstrates respect and honor to adults
  • Demonstrates gratefulness
  • Starts learning and desiring to learn who God is
  • Keeps drawers, shelves, bins, desk, etc. organized at all times

Age 7-8

  • Grows in understanding of God
  • Grows in understanding of God’s commandments and how obedience benefits God’s people
  • Can differentiate between wise vs. foolish behavior
  • Is self-directed on chores
  • Demonstrates meekness, and joyfulness
  • Has learned to love correction
  • Shows a heart to honor and obey parents and to please God
  • Boys: able to help work out doors, help fix cars, cut firewood, hunt, fish, etc.
  • Girls: Able to help bake, can cook a meal independently, can sew, crochet, etc.
  • Can notice and fulfill needs of family
  • Understand stewardship and wise handling of money

Age 9-11

  • Completes most school work and all chores independently and well, with good attitude
  • Demonstrates good manners, thoughtfulness of others, and respect to all
  • Able to serve others outside of home
  • Can be a wise friend to other children
  • Able to listen and understand a sermon/teach/lecture and take notes
  • Can be an example to others outside the home
  • Able to plan, organize, and manage projects
  • Familiar with Bible and able to read and study independently
  • Continues to grow in knowledge of the Holy, able to see Him through His creation, His work, and His Word.
  • Beginning to have fear of the Lord (beginning of wisdom)
  • Has a heart to love God and follow His ways
  • Selflessly serves others at length
  • Works diligently and quietly for several hours
  • Assumes some adult responsibilities (cooking a meal, caring for the whole yard, etc.)
  • Able to be fully responsible for younger siblings for up to a few hours
  • Able to grow in wisdom through personal study
  • Has formed a personal habit of prayer and can see how God has answered
  • Able to examine self
  • Ready to discuss and understand mature things
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Dusti said...

I really enjoy the Living Sacrifice blog- good stuff!

Edward and Gretchen said...

Wow...thanks for posting this. Great model to follow. I recently heard another homeschool mom refer to academics being the bonus to home educating. Wish I had this knowledge years ago when I started to home school. Now I feel behind. God's grace is sufficient.


Anonymous said...

Great post. I linked to it, and the original, on my blog! Thank you!