Friday, September 24, 2010

When Babies Meet

One of my best friends, Gretchen, came over yesterday for a playdate. Her Amelia and my Julia are 5 days apart. We were due on the same day. I won.
Amelia and Julia only played together for about 15 minutes before we put them both down for their morning nap. They really got to know each other well in that short span of time. Allow me to interpret for you.

Is there something next to me? Something squishy? I'm afraid to look!

Whoa! Where'd she come from? And who in the world is she? She doesn't look like my siblings. And why is she smiling like that?

Oh, she's another baby! She's kinda cute! I wonder if I can trust her.

Well this is awkward. She's putting my face in her mouth! Oh my, she's grabbing me. Mama, she's grabbing me! Mama, that huuuuuuuurrrrrrrrtttts! Waaaaaahhhhhhh!

It took me a few minutes to console her after this baby brawl, but she was soon interested in Amelia again.


Edward and Gretchen said...

They are soooo cute. It was really nice having them together and spending time with you too. Thanks for having us over.

Edward and Gretchen said...

Oh yes, and Julia, on behalf of Amelia, I am very sorry.

Nealy said...

Those pictures are so adorable - what pretty girls! Ginger, I didn't know you were fluent in baby babble, but you sure did a good job here! Thank you for the LOL.

Ginger said...

I'm multi-lingual. :D

mommy4 said...

awww so precious! i just need one, can i borrow just one?

The Frat Pack + Me said...

awww....those are precious!