Monday, October 11, 2010

A Day at the Park

The weather was so nice last week, we didn't want to waste it indoors. As soon as Kyle got home from work, we went straight to the park for the second time that day.

This will be a test of the compatibility of our senses of humor. I found this hilarious.
I kept trying to take pictures of Kyle and Isaac playing toss, since that's what they did the entire time we were at the park.

I kept getting the shot immediately after Isaac threw it. There were several just like these.

Finally proof that Isaac wasn't faking it. And of course, he had on his famous Isaac smile. He knew he was going to be famous for these sport shots.

Kyle, on the other hand, I had to ask to pose. Was he hamming it up or is this his true expression upon catching a pigskin? You decide.

Elena and Chloe stick together like glue. I love the relationship they have. I strongly recommend having kids close together in age if you can help it. It's so worth it!

Julia just looked at me strangely as I laughed at her odd poses in the swing. She never could keep both feet down.

These are the best days of our lives and we don't even know it.


MamaMahnken said...

Good golly, Isaac is HUGE! When did that happen? And I totally agree on having kids close in age. Which is why I will be having #6 just 8.5 short years after I had my first...

Edward and Gretchen said...

Awl...I love this post. It makes me sad though my kids aren't closer in age.

I miss you guys. When do you want to come visit us in the country. We would love to have you...anytime.

Midlife Army Wife said...

Which park is that? Emily would love the rope climbing thing!