Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Break!

Our homeschool is officially on fall break. In the past, our school breaks (we call them "half time") have consisted of Bible and the 3 Rs. But the 3 Rs take up the biggest chunk of our school time, so we were still spending a significant part of our day indoors. Well, NO MORE! I have learned my lesson!

Now that the weather is nice (and it won't last long before it'll turn cold) we are spending the majority of our day outside. We do our morning Bible study, I do our read-aloud for the day (History or Science) and that's it. The first two days, I forgot about chores. Our house got really messy really quick. Oops!

Don't waste the wonderful weather sitting indoors doing seatwork! Leave that unfairness to the out-schoolers. Enjoy the weather while it lasts!

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Here to Serve Him... said...

Thanks for the reminder! I've been feeling quite convicted about being more dedicated to "the books" than I have making memories with my children. The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous and I'm guilty of sticking ourselves inside. I greatly appreciate being sharpened and held accountable...I stand corrected! :o)