Friday, October 15, 2010

I Am Disgusted!

You thought this was gonna be some controversial post full of my ranting and raving didn't you? Well, the jokes on you! BWAHAHA!!

Julia makes this face all the time now and I just looooooovvvvve it! I find the irony of her shirt and her face absolutely hilarious.

This is how she looks when she meets someone new. It doesn't make them feel very good to be looked at with such disgust by someone so close to God. Makes them wonder what she knows about them. She can see into their hearts and she. is. dis. gust. ed.

When you get this look, you really should be insulted. And you will cower under her persuasive powers. You will run like the wind to find whatever will please her; be it food, the right toy, or food. You better move fast!

P.S. Kyle forced me to crop that last picture. In the original, he's making the same face as Julia. I hate to deprive you of such entertainment, but that's just the kind of loving, obedient wife I am. My poor man is bound by pride. Pray for him.


Nealy said...

Obviously, I need to spend more time with JuJu, because she still gives me this look! I find it ironic that I was the first person for whom she laughed out loud. Now she treats me like The Evil One. LOL! JuJu, I'm gonna get you!

MommaofMany said...

Oh, what a darling!

Wonderful husband & dad said...

It has nothing to do with pride! I knew that if I was in the picture, everyone would be looking at me and not Julia. I am truly a sacrificing husband and father. Again, pride has nothing to do with it.

Ginger said...

You're so right, hubby. The truth is I didn't want everyone drooling over my hunk of a man.

Grace said...

She is too adorable!!!! Hilarious!