Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Future Hope

When all my kids are grown, I hope they will all live across the street. I hope they will drop their kids off here when they have errands to run. I hope I will be spending my empty-nest days taking care of and making memories with my grandkids. I plan to stuff my apron with candies, to be handed out for every please, thank you, or cute smile.
And I hope my kids will all still want the same thing, like they do now.

P.S. Lydia is no longer determined to marry Daniel when she is older. She is considering Isaac as good marriage material. She still plans to live in the playroom with her hubby, though.


The Clark Kids said...

I think this is a really good idea. My kids would really think this is fun. I would like being across the street because then I would see my mom so often and my kids would see their grandma often. :)

The Clark Kids said...

That was me, Elena.

Here to Serve Him... said...

Love, love, love... I love it! My Kyle and I were just talking about this very thing the other day! There is nothing I want more than for our girls and their families to live close to us so that I can love, dote on, nurture and help educate our grandbabies. I hope that I get the opportunity to assist in teaching them their three R's, take them on nature walks and spend wintry days making paper snowflakes and drinking hot cocoa!

Being a Momma definitely doesn't end when a child starts a family of their own... So many people say, "You can get a job and do what you want to do once your girls are gone..." No way... I'm still committing to be a stay-at-home momma even when they have homes of their own... It IS my career! It IS my calling!

Vickie said...

We bought some land several years ago and the joke around here is that we have enough land that all 9 kids can have 5 acres each and we can put a castle wall around us all :) The older 3 that are married and have families say "one day we'll build out there". I'm still waiting but I do get to see 4 of 9 grandkids everyday. What a blessing that has been.

God's Blessings

shipra said...

i love how you write. LOVE this. Chivan says that he and his wife will live with us too, he plans on them sharing the top bunk :)