Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Marriage Secret

I'm in love with Kyle Clark. And Kyle's in love with me. And it's not because he's a perfect husband. Kyle is good-looking, and a hard worker, and he loves my kids. But it's all that he isn't that holds our marriage together.
Our marriage secret is knowing that we don't deserve each other.
I am a sinner with sinful thoughts and a selfish heart. And so is my husband.
In the same way that I don't deserve the love and grace of my Savior, I don't deserve the love and forgiveness of my husband. But he does love me and he daily forgives my selfishness.
Because he's also a sinner.
I can forgive my husband his flaws and shortcomings because I know that I am also flawed. I can extend grace for his failings because I have been forgiven of all of my sins. I don't deserve that. None of us do.

You have also been shown grace. When we understand what we have been given and what we have been saved from, it is easy to forgive and show grace to our spouses.

It's when we forget all that we've been forgiven and all that we truly deserve, that we develop entitlement- thinking that we deserve better. We don't.

Our spouses are there to conform us into the image of Christ.

That's the point of marriage.


Here to Serve Him... said...

Ditto...I love it!!! I always say that my Kyle is my Jesus in the flesh just as Jesus my Saviour designed and planned that he would be! He is a gift and I am grateful for the gift God has given me in his life!

Hallelujah for faithful, God-fearing husbands who we are TOTALLY in love with! :o)


~Stephanie said...


Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for not writing, "my marriage is great because I never tell my husband anything but yes and I always wake up early to serve him breakfast and I never interact socially with anyone so that it dosen't interfere with my perfect housekeeping". We cannot be perfect wives, and well...we didn't marry Jesus so they aren't going to be perfect either. Thanks for the great post!