Thursday, December 2, 2010

Annual Growth Contest

It's tradition. It's fierce competition. It's the tall vs. the short. It's emotional.

Julia doesn't understand all the hype. And she's none too excited to take her turn against the wall of terror.
I've been preparing Maya that she might be done growing. Her sweet and loving siblings have been telling her that her days of growing up are nearing their end and from now on she'll just be growing out.
Her fake boo-hooing didn't change the facts. She grew one measly inch in the last 12 months. Poor thing.

She got happy again real quickly after I asked her to help measure Julia. Anything involving JuJu brings a smile to Maya's face.

So here's the lowdown: Isaac won, with 4" of growth. Daniel and Lydia tied for 2nd place. They each grew 3" (which is some kind of record for a biological Clark). Chloe and Elena maintained their petite status, each growing 2".

And although Julia was disqualified for being under age, she blew everyone away with her stats. She more than doubled her height since her utero days a year ago.


Nealy said...

Maya, remind your mom of the tortoise and the hare. Just because your growth has slowed down doesn't mean it has stopped. I bet you grow at least two more inches. :) Chloe and Elena on the other hand, I believe will hit a growth spurt year in about four years!

Graceful Threads said...

O how sweet!

You know they say you can take your childs heightat age 2 and that should be about their adult height?