Friday, December 3, 2010

Big Families & How They Do: Birthdays

Here at Clark Chatter, we do birthdays a little differently. Instead of individual birthdays, we do just 2 birthday parties each year- the Spring Fling and the Fall Fest. These parties are for my children and my sister's children. All the January-June birthdays are celebrated in April; all the July-December birthdays are celebrated in October.

What I love about this is:
  1. the grandparents aren't worn out from once a month parties.
  2. all the parties take place at a park, which means no cleaning up before or after :D
  3. we generally get group gifts, so we always have a membership to the zoo, the nature & science museum, the aquarium, etc.
On the day of the child's birthday, they pick one friend and spend the day with them. One of us, Kyle or I, will take them out to eat at their choice of restaurant and the rest of the day they spend at our house or the park, just playing together. Good quality time but little expense.

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