Monday, December 13, 2010

Oops Babies

Kyle and I went to a party recently with a bunch of people we don't know. (Obviously we knew some of the people.) Most all the women there were working women with children in public school. To say that we stood out would be an understatement.
One woman had just been telling us about her kids: 2 boys, three years apart, and then 7-8 years later "OOPS! We had twins!" (said as she rolls her eyes) She looked and sounded totally miserable with her lot in life. When she then asked if Kyle and I had any kids, and Kyle replied, her very dramatic response was OMG! (Except she said the real thing.)

We have eight gifts from God and this woman's response was to blaspheme the Lord who blessed us with these precious children.

It was so sad! She later, upon finding out we have a baby, said: "Ugh, you're going to be just like us! 50 years old with young kids still at home!" She was clearly disgusted with the idea.
I wanted so badly to say something encouraging, something wise. But I was heartbroken and couldn't think of anything to say.
Seeing life from her perspective was downright depressing. She actually felt sorry for us that we're going to have children in our home a decade from now. What on earth is depressing about that?! What should I rather be doing? Living alone in a beach house collecting seashells? What a waste!


Vicki said...

I will GLADLY take her oops babies:)

mommy4 said...

I've put tons of time thinking about taking someone's "oops baby". Oh how I'd love to have children still in the house at 50.
Next time tell her there are plenty of open arms for those "oops babies" including yours, I'm sure. :)

MommaofMany said...

People are blind to the things of the Lord when they are without Him. Oh, how those "oops" babies would be cherished by a family unable to conceive!

Midlife Army Wife said...

I'd love to be retirement age and have my kids, and their kids all come home for big meals around a huge table, football games in the backyard, and sleeping bags on the living room floor for an inside camp-out for the kids! I'll make hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and bake cookies!
I don't know yet if that is God's plan for us, but my heart is open to it if it is!! I'll gladly take those OOPS babies! Something I will never understand this side of Heaven is why there are so many of us who ache for more children in our family, while others get ones they never even wanted.

Melodie said...

My parents decided to have another baby when I was 9. My sister was born just before my 10th birthday. Soon after they chose to have my little brother too. People thought it was unfair they were making us bigger kids (we are three older kids) have to work to help look after the babies. In reality the babies were the greatest gift my parents could have given us. Later when their 3 older children are all grown and far away, my two younger siblings are still at home. And now, God has opened the door for them to adopt one of their foster babies! They are THRILLED to be adopting a 2 year old in their 50s and see it as a GREAT GIFT, not a trial. I hope to have many children as well and to have them later in life, too. They are truly a gift! You are so blessed to have your children and I am especially thrilled about Julia as I now how special my baby sister (and brother) was to us!

~Stephanie said...

*sigh* Some people will just never get it. But I feel more sorry for their "oops children" than I do for the parents.

Ginger said...

As well you should, Stephanie. When parents can be so vocal about their discontentment, their children don't miss it. I've seen far too many moms say how unhappy they are RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR KIDS! So sad!