Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bargain Hunters

This really cracks me up. I always ask the kids to bring the mail in, because I know how exciting it is for them, even when it's just junk mail. I've noticed lately that when they bring in the ad pages, they will divvy them up between themselves and all hunt for the best bargains.
Makes this frugal mama very happy.

"Sprout's has pineapples for $2!"
"Aldi's has them for just $1.50!"
"Look mom, the cheese you like is $2/lb. That's a good price, isn't it?"
"Pecans are $3.69 this week! They were $3.99 last week."

I haven't taught them to do this. I usually throw all of them out except the stores I frequent. But they compare prices of all the local stores. It's a game to them.

I don't remember ever paying any attention to grocery prices until I was married! They're so ahead of the game. {blush with pride}


MommaofMany said...


Very nice!

debhmom3 said...

I love it!