Friday, January 14, 2011

Teaching More Than One Child at a Time

Often when I get the "Oh my goodness, I could never homeschool!" comment, it follows the "You homeschool seven kids?!!!" comment (with or without the "Why would you want to do that?" look.)

Well, no, I don't homeschool seven kids. Three of them aren't school-age yet. But I get what they're saying. They're assuming all four children are doing totally different work. That's not the case.
We all do Bible, history, science, and literature together as read-alouds. The only subjects that are individual are math, reading, handwriting, and spelling.
One way I handle the individual work is with rotations. 1 child does their math drill online, 1 goes to their room to read their book, 1 does their handwriting page, while I work 1:1 on another's math worksheet. Then we rotate.

For some subjects, two are "on the same page" sorta speak. Elena and Chloe are on the same level in spelling. We review together, then go over the lesson together, then I have them sit back-to-back for the actual spelling.

I'll call out the words or phrases and they write them down. They can't cheat, but I can see both of their papers so I know when I need to help someone.

Saves time, but gets the job done.

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The Pennington Point said...

I do exactly the same thing! I try to combine as much as possible. It's pretty easy to make one subject work for different ages. This year I was so excited to "only" have 5 kids in school since I've had 6 for the past few years. Hooray for graduation!

I love the last picture of Julia crawling up to see what big sister is doing. Families are such a gift from God! Lisa~

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