Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Big Families & How They Do: Sibling Relationships

A big difference I've noticed since becoming a "big family" is the way my children relate to each other. For one thing, I don't have anywhere near the arguing and fighting that little families have. When Chloe wants to play a game and Elena won't play with her, she just turns to Lydia (or Maya or Isaac. . .) They are always able to find someone who will play what they want to play and how they want to play it.
But another difference is the web of friendships among the siblings:
  • Maya and Isaac love to talk and tell their secrets to each other
  • Elena and Chloe play Polly Pockets and My Little Pet Shops together
  • Isaac and Daniel play basketball and football and build things together
  • Chloe and Lydia love playing Chess together
  • Maya and Elena love doing art projects together
  • Daniel and Lydia love wrestling and playing together
  • Maya and Julia love babbling together and making each other laugh
The one thing of which I can boast, as a mom of a lot of kids, is: No one ever complains of boredom. I mean never.
Here's a common scene of my "twins":

Having no brothers of my own, I see the value in Lydia's ability to rough house and not get her feelings hurt. It took me years of marriage to learn that trait. How far advanced my sweet girlie will be. :)

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Jamie Wooddell said...

LOVE the video. We were all impressed by Daniel's self control. He could have taken her down at any moment, but he was having too much fun allowing her to beat him up. Way cute. And the kiss at the end. ... melt my heart.

N-Sanity said...

I've never met your kids but after reading your blog the past few years I'm positive I'd be telling you what a joy they were to be around .

slovakiasteph said...

aww, Daniel's so cute in the way he doesn't let her get hurt. :)

Nealy said...

I didn't have brothers either, and my personality, lack of coordination and sports-phobia are direct results of that! I can't catch a ball and don't enjoy watching football or baseball, but I do enjoy a live basketball game every 10 years or so!

~Stephanie said...

That fip move made my heart leap...but I had a smile on my face the whole time. I remember rough housing with my brothers and daddy. And I have to say... Brandon was rather shocked the first time we roughhoused and I flipped him right off the bed! I especially love the hug and kiss at the end. Sweet children.. good job, mama!