Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Teaching Children to Love Reading - Babies & Toddlers

This is the start of a short & simple series I hope you'll enjoy. Raising children who love to learn is my academic goal for our homeschool. Notice I didn't say it was one of my academic goals. It is the academic goal for my children. If they love to learn, they can learn anything they want to learn. And loving to read develops a love of learning so we'll start there.

Babies and toddlers love rhythmic books, so we start with Mother Goose. Mother Goose rhymes have no plot, no story, so climax. They just rhyme. Rhyming teaches littles to love language.
There are gobs of Mother Goose treasuries to choose from, so pick the one with the illustrations you love.

Board books are another great way to teach littles to love books. It doesn't matter that they are chewing it more than looking at it. They're enjoying a book and that's the point.

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Nealy said...

Your great Aunt BB would be so proud that this IS your academic goal for your children. She helped instill that love for books in you and I'd say she succeeded!