Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blessings Don't Always Come Easily

It's been very interesting walking this adoption road with my sister. I'm hearing all the comments people were probably thinking when we adopted, but thankfully kept to themselves (most of time). When I recently told someone that Jamie is adopting, I heard:
Boy, they need to be careful! Oprah did a whole show about kids who are treated like throwaways in _____. Those kids don't know how to live in a family!
Ok, first of all, if you profess to be a Christian, why in the world are you watching Oprah? She denies the truths of Scripture plainly. Moving on. ALL children deserve to know the love of a family. Not just the cute kids who will readily accept your love and tell you how wonderful you are to rescue them. Please think of the alternative for these children.

Daniel threw a thrashing fit the first time I met and held him. He was not happy at all to meet me, the one who prayed for him, cried for him, and worked hard to raise a large ransom to save him from his hopeless future. But we didn't adopt him so we could have warm fuzzy feelings inside. We didn't adopt him because we were discontent and wanted to double our family size overnight. (Who would sign up for that madness? That first year was HARD!) We were very content with our three blond-haired, blue-eyed girls. We adopted this ungrateful little sinner for his sake.

And we have been blessed a hundred fold for our decision to obey God's call. These children, with all their issues and challenges, are such a huge blessing to our family.

Adoption is a blessing and a ministry.


Anonymous said...

AMEN! May I copy and send this t a recent rebuke we received?


Ginger said...

Certainly! What better compliment.

And I'm proud of you, Loretta, for leaving a non-anonymous comment. lol

~Stephanie said...

UGH! What a comment...

Anonymous said...

Oh I didn't mean to be non-anon, Ginger. I took my blog down and had to get another profile. I tried to always sign my comments at the end :0)

Ginger said...

Instead of leaving an anonymous comment, you can always click Name/URL and just leave the URL part blank. Then your comment will show up w/ your name on it, but won't link to any website. fyi :)

Laura said...

Enjoyed this article! Thank you Ginger :)

GT said...

I think its hard for the *average* person to understnad the heart of someone who has a burden to adopt children, but I gotta say, I think there is also a need for adopting parents to have a little mercy on those who have no clue.

Confession: I have thoughts/questions like the ones you posted about. I would even go as far to say most people including those who have adopted have questions/fears. Isnt that normal and even prudent?

I mean, Adoption can summon alot of sweet emotions: humility, love, compassion, spirituality ect but its not all glamour, which you know first hand and posted about in this article.

I dont know, just putting a shout out for the knuckleheads who say stupid things, maybe cuz I tend towards that direction too often .

I agree, Oprah is evil. ;-)