Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Boy Brains

I have been reading a book called Boys which has answered a lot of the questions I've been asking myself about our sons. Questions like: What goes on in that boy's brain?, What was he thinking when he decided to _____, Why can't I get that kid to talk to me?!

Questions I've never asked about my girls because they tell me everything that's going on in their brain and I never have to wonder. But boys think radically differently than girls.

A couple months ago, I was in the garage painting cabinet doors, when Daniel came out there to get the trash can full of old paint gunk. (His chore at the time was to collect the trash cans, so Isaac could take the trash out.) When Daniel opened the door, Misha (our cat) saw her chance at freedom and ran for it. I yelled: Quick, Daniel, get her! It's not safe out here for her.
A look of panic came over his face as he stood stock still.
He said: I can't! I've got the trash can in my arms!
He couldn't figure out how to hold the trash can and Misha.
I tried not to fall over laughing. I didn't want primer in my hair.


Moma Chas said...

I COMPLETELY know what you are talking about!!!
My Eli is the SAME way!
Abram is following in too. hahah, boys! :)

Bugofmany said...

Can you give the author's name, please? I'd like to see if our local library has this book. I'm currently reading one called, "Teenage Boys!" by Bill Beausay. It's been very enlightening, and I'll take all the info. I can get!!! :) Thanks!

Ginger said...

Bug, same author. :)