Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Beloved Library

Every Tuesday morning, we wake up, eat breakfast and do our Bible study, and then get ready to head out the door to our favorite library - the church library down the street. When they first opened a couple years ago, they put a sign on their marquee: Library open to the public.

Not one to miss out on something free, I loaded the kids up and we went to check it out. I have been so impressed with this church library.
There's an older lady who is always there on Tuesdays when we go. She loves my kids and me and we love her. She even calls me when she's not going in. I just love that. So thoughtful!

Recently I noticed they had a 12 DVD set of Rob Bell teachings. I was so crushed to see them there!
I prayed about what I should do about it and didn't say anything that week. The next week, I went up to my librarian friend and I said: I noticed you have these DVDs of Rob Bell. He wrote a book recently called Love Wins in which he explains his belief that hell isn't real.
She looked confused. "What's the alternative?"
I said: Everybody goes to heaven.
She looked a little stunned. I said: It's pretty well known now in the Christian community that he's a heretic. I just thought you'd want to let someone know.

This week, as I was looking through the movies, I glanced over to see that all the Rob Bell DVDs were gone. Yet another to reason to be impressed with my library. They didn't take my word or it and just get rid of them. They did their research.

Love that.

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Rachel Marie said...

wow. so glad you spoke up!