Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear Baby

Dear Unborn Baby,

You and I have been together for 4 months now. I am so grateful. You are such a pleasant surprise to Daddy and me. Neither of us had any idea what God had planned for our family, but what a joy it is to see it unfold. Nine children. NINE! I am shocked. Truly. But what a gift we've been given.
Sweetheart, the world doesn't see children the way your heavenly Father sees you. I'm sad to say the world says you're a burden. People wonder why anyone would want more than two or at the most three children. They are so deceived. So very deceived.
The truth is: raising you won't be easy. It will be work. Training you to obey God's Word when you will just want your way is hard work. It doesn't come naturally. It forces me to be selfless. It forces me to rely on my Father. I can't do it in my own strength. On my own, I am impatient, lazy, and self-centered. But when I depend on Christ, my only righteousness, I can allow Him to love and disciple you through me.
Here's where the world misunderstands. They think that hard work is bad. That it is to be avoided. But from hard work comes great rewards. Great, incomprehensible, absolutely amazing rewards.
The world sees a selfish life as freedom. Total deception. Selfishness is bondage. Living selflessly is true freedom. This, your heavenly Father is giving to me through you and your siblings.
You are going to love being the baby of a big family.

Praying for you daily,


The Sexton Family said...

I love this Ginger. I am not pregnant with number 9 but just being pregnant with number 5 we have received so many nasty comments about being the next Duggar family (like that is the worst thing ever) or that we need to figure out what causes this. Children are such a blessing and we feel so honored that God has entrusted us with so many of His little miracles.

~Stephanie said...

Love it! So true!

MamaMahnken said...

Beautiful. I totally want to steal it for my Zoe Girl. Flip that 9 upside down, and it's a 6...

Midlife Army Wife said...

I absolutely love this! Beautiful!!