Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reason #239 to Homeschool

When first grader, Lamya Cammon, didn’t stop twirling a braid in her fingers, her teacher called her to the front of the class and cut that braid right off her head. The teacher was fined $175 for ‘disorderly conduct’ and apologized to the girl’s mother. According to the article, the mother got the apology, and an excuse:
“But I was frustrated”, the teacher said.
The frustrated teacher who publicly humiliated the little girl, making her cry in front of her whole class, is still working in the school.


~Stephanie said...

Ridiculous! I'm sure the teacher frustrates her students. Maybe they should be allowed to hack her hair off too.

Ginger said...

Well if they're frustrated, I mean, they can't help it then!


Cindy said...

That's horrible! She should have at least been suspended for a good amount of time.

LorettaWesternNE said...

Ginger, This is why I enjoy your blog. I am sharpened. I don't think your post needs any comment. Thank God for our home"shcools".

Loretta from VA, now NE :o)

Baby Blessings said...

Unbelievable! I am so thankful that I homeschool! On my worst day I wouldn't put my children into school!
BTW... I found your blog from nogreaterjoymom