Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ABC Meme

A, AGE - Ok fine. 37.

B, Bed Size - King.

C,Chore you hate - cleaning blinds. I pay Maya to do it for me.

D, Dog - Nope, that was short-lived. Dogs are too high-maintenance for us. We're a cat family. Self-feeder, self-waterer, and litter box. We can take off for three days and leave her at home, safe and sound.

E, Essential start to your day - FOOD! Lately, that's a homemade bacon, egg, and cheese burrito with a generous amount of homemade salsa. (Oh nuts, I'm drooling on the keyboard.)

F, favorite color - green. red. orange. purple. The only color I'm really not a fan of is pink. I know, I know, but it's true.

G, Gold or Silver - I'm not picky, whichever one you give me. ;)

H, Height - 5'7"

I, Instrument you play - not a single one. Took violin, piano, and clarinet lessons. Were there more? My parents thought I was wise enough to decide if I wanted to quit. I did.

J, Job Title - Mommy.

K, Kids - 23 year old Pedro, 13 year old Maya, 11 year olds Elena and Isaac, 9 year old Chloe, 6 year olds Daniel and Lydia, 1 year old Julia, and not-here-yet Peanut.

L. Live - near Dallas, TX. Love every season except summer. I prefer to hibernate then.

M, Mothers name - Nancy.

N, Nicknames - Ging, Dr. Clark (when people are asking for advice about herbs. lol), G, Grammar Police, and Red

O, Overnight Hospital Stays - had my stomach pumped when I was 6 y.o. after eating a double fist-full of toadstools out the neighbor's yard. I LOVED mushrooms. I don't feel the same now. Surely that wasn't overnight, but it sure was traumatic. Oh I don't know!

P, Pet peeve - music playing on blogs. I was already listening to something, thankyouverymuch. (Now where is the player so I can pause it?? Of course! It's at the very bottom of your blog. Now my whole day is ruined!) hehe

Q, Quote from a movie - "I'm willing to tell you! I'm waiting to tell you! I'm wanting to tell you!" (Eliza Dolittle's dad, My Fair Lady)

R, Right or left handed - right handed.

S, Siblings - Just one sister, but a really good one.

T, Time you wake up - generally around 7:30. I don't wake up before all the kids, but I wake up before most of them. ;)

U, Umbrella?? I have two giant ones I keep in the van, but it usually starts raining when I'm in the house. {sigh}

V, Vegetables you dislike - not a single one. I feel the same way about fruit.

W, What makes you run late? My poor sense of time. Since having kids, I never ever make it out the door the first time. "Oh shoot, my sunglasses!, Did anyone get my water? Ah nuts! . . ."

X, X- rays you've had - My knee when I was 19. Turns out the jet-ski accident I had when I was 18 left fiberglass in my knee for a whole year.

Y, Yummy foods you make - My absolute favorites are Cincinnati Chili and Duggar Tortilla Soup.

Z, Zoo - I love all the animals at the zoo, although I definitely think the anteater is hands-down the ugliest creature God created.


Nealy said...

Your hospital stay WAS overnight but you weren't six, you were five. Your poisonous mushroom feed occurred right before you started kindergarten. I'm still grateful that Joanna's mom called to tell me what you ate in her yard that made you so sick!

~Stephanie said...

Music on blogs is a pet peeve of mine too.

Emmy said...

My midwife insists that 37 is the year of twins!
I am 37, too and am expecting so we shall see. LOL
One can only hope for such a blessing.

The music thing really frustrates me too.


Midlife Army Wife said...

I love this!! I'm going to copy it if you don't mind :)

I don't like the music on blogs either :) Especially when I already have something playing. Then I open a page and turn to do something else. Suddenly I'm hearing an odd noise and wondering what happened to my music....OH! It's that website I just opened! Arg!

Oh, and rather than go back and comment on each of them, I just want to say that I love the adoption posts you did on each child. Miss you all!

Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

I don't like music on blogs either. I used to have a playlist on my blog and then decided to get rid of it. I liked to hear the music while I worked on it, but after browsing through some blogs I realized that other people might not like my music. Duh!

PS what do you do with a strong willed child that insists in arguing when she does not get her way?

Ginger said...

That's a post of it's own. :D
I'll get to work on it!