Friday, October 22, 2010

New Baby in the Family

For those who know me IRL, this is a total shock. For those who don't, I'm the last person anyone would expect to get a puppy. I'm allergic to everything with fur it seems. We paid the big bucks to get a Devon Rex kitty so we could have a hypoallergenic pet. And I love Misha kitty. But Misha loves Kyle.
Poor me.
So I researched hypoallergenic dogs until my eyes crossed. Most all "hypoallergenic" dogs aren't really. That, or it was just coincidence that I started gasping for breath while around them. I'm so high maintenance. {sigh}
Above is the puppy pic we feel in love with. She's a powderpuff Chinese Crested.

So now we're that family with two exotic animals. Oh my. We're becoming more and more like the weirdos everyone already thought we were.

See? We aren't weird! (yet) I'm sure there are more levels of weirdness we haven't even explored yet. (Anyone know what they are?? I can't imagine.)

Miss Mattie is now in a pony cut, so she looks more like a Chinese Crested. You can't quite see her mane, but she looks like an itty bitty Clydesdale.

We surprised the kids by picking her up 2 weeks earlier than they were expecting. Totally fooled them. It was a blast keeping the secret from them. I'm terrible at keeping secrets, so this was a real accomplishment. And my head nearly spun right off my neck from holding it all in.

Elena had created a countdown chain with everyone's name on a link, so they could take turns cutting them off. On the end, she drew a teeny weeny dog. I don't think anybody minded cutting the whole chain apart in one evening. ;)


Nealy said...

I couldn't wait to meet Miss Mattie last night as soon as you called with The Announcement. She is SO adorable! I see in the group photo Miss JuJu is sporting her famous scowl. I'm envisioning your head spinning off your neck - funny! And I'm thinking of new levels of weirdness: first Misha, then a flock of chickens in the backyard, now a tiny Clydesdale in a miniature dog body. I suppose a Micro Pig could be next in your future! Congratulations on your new addition!!

Edward and Gretchen said...

Sweet baby! What fun for your kids to finally have a dog to call their own.

debhmom3 said...

Wow, I don't exactly know you in real life, but you were still the last person I expected to get a dog because of you allergies. So glad you found one you could get. Enjoy your newest addition to the Clark house!

kim brown said...

they are great little pets and family members, i raise them and wouldn't trade mine for the world. they are loving and loyal and fun to be with. if you ever want another one contact me at
i currently have one left.