Monday, October 25, 2010

How Did We Do That??

I was looking through old posts and ran across this one of Lydia. I love that video. I called Kyle in to watch it with me. She was our Liddy Bitty back then. She was only three. Now she's 5 1/2 and her school days are fast approaching.

I was watching that video of my young Lydia and then I looked at the date. That was a YEAR after the adoption. I looked at Kyle and said: How did we do that?! We had 2 two-year-olds!! (One of them with major adoption trauma issues.)

God promises He will not give us more than we can bear. And He was faithful. We could bear it. Looking back, I know it was only by God's grace. Those times were HARD!

I remember Daniel's awful digestive issues. Kyle and I were nauseous until noon in those days, that's all I'm saying. After taking him to the doctor, thinking something was terribly wrong, we were informed that we were overfeeding him. What?! (Well, duh, his little tummy couldn't handle a generous American diet.)

The triplets had only been home a week and we were introducing them to family. They wanted to give Daniel a piece of cake, but I only let them give him a little piece. {Looks of judgment from all directions.}

When he finished it, he wanted more but we kindly said no. He started crying. Now they weren't just looks of judgment, they were words. "Give the poor boy another piece of cake! He wants more!"
We stood firm, but man was it hard.

Those days were hard. By God's grace, we are well past those days.

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