Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Other Baby Lover

Out of all my (biological) girls, Julia is the only one who truly loves baby dolls at her young age. I have always wanted my girls to love their baby dolls, but that always came much later.
Aside from "Daddy" (and we're not going to talk about the fact that she said his name almost a full year before mine), one of Julia's first words was "baby".

She says it all the time. As soon as she finishes a meal, she looks around and asks: Baby? Baby?
If I lay her baby down, she looks to make sure she knows what I've done with it before moving on.
She loves to point out her babies' eyes, nose, ears, and mouth.
She carries her babies absolutely everywhere and I just love it!

I am hoping that this baby love will translate to her baby sister or brother.

I am also hoping she doesn't poke her baby sibling in the eye.

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