Friday, October 14, 2011

Movie Review: Snowmen was asked to find a bunch of homeschool families to "product test" this movie. It's the story of a 10 year old boy, dying of cancer, who wants to do something important with his life, so he won't be forgotten. He chooses to break the world record of snowmen-building.

I've seen several movies about dying boys lately and I've noticed something in all of them. All the boys, who have less than a year to live, go to school all day and come home to play with their friends for hours only to have about an hour together with their parents right before bed. May I just ask: If your child is dying and you have very limited time left with them, why is education still such a huge focus for their day?

If I knew that my child wouldn't see his 11th year of life, there is no way on earth I'd be sending them off to school all day. I'd bring them home so we could be together. And not to homeschool them. To enjoy them, love them, and disciple them.

Ok, that's one thing that nags at me with these type of movies. The second was the 10 year old romance. No, no, no, I'm not letting my kids watch a movie about a little boy and the little hot girl who fawns over him (and in this case, makes him lie to all his classmates to impress her and them (and no, the fact that it was wrong was never brought up in the movie)).

Then the dying boy, whose parents have guaranteed that he'll go to heaven because "he's a kid, so he doesn't even have to be good", tells the school bully to "Pi-- off!"

I was done at that point. This may be considered a family movie, but it certainly isn't a Christian movie. I was unimpressed.


MommaofMany said...

I appreciate your honest reviews. I have not heard of either of these movies, but I do agree with the point you made about schooling a terminally ill child. What a waste of time...and their life! I read the Caring Bridge updates of a family whose daughter has brain cancer. They work toward the days that she can go to school! Why?? Why waste all that time? I know that it's the goal of "being normal" but :sheesh:. Home is where they belong, well or ill!

Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

Good job speaking up! And thanks for doing the dirty work for us :) We are not watching that one.

Instead of watching a movie, I checked the website and we heard for FREE the radio drama version of the book Teddy's Button. The children loved it and that one was ALL Christian and Biblical. :)

BTW, today I posted on spending time with our children instead of locking them way in school. Check it out and tell me what you think. Do I write as well as you?? :)


Ginger said...

We've read/listened to enough Lamplighter books, we trust them to always be biblical. We just LOVE them!!

Sherrie said...

Thanks for the review. We have struggled through too many Christian movies that identify to closely with the secular worldview of family relationships, mouthy children and romance. My kids were joking one day saying my parents don't let us play with pastor's kids or watch G movies :) Of course those were both specific instances but it does show that we have to be watchful in all circumstances. We do get excited when we have great movies come out like the Sherwood films~~