Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Love of the Trivial & Trite

If all other variables are equal, your capacity to know God deeply will probably diminish in direct proportion to how much television you watch. Television reflects American culture at its most trivial. And a steady diet of triviality shrinks the soul. You get used to it. It starts to seem normal. Silly becomes funny. Funny becomes pleasing. And pleasing becomes soul-satisfaction. In the end the soul that is made for God has shrunk to fit snugly around triteness.
- taken from "Pierced by the Word" by John Piper

Several years ago, we got rid of satellite tv and just got Netflix. Then a year or so later, we got rid of Netflix. But we still have and YouTube available, so we can still watch plenty of television. I can relate to John Piper's wise quote. Even without television.

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