Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Prepare Your Heart for Thanksgiving

How foolish we are when we think answered prayers are always the things we wanted most. Any time God makes us more like Him; that's an answer to our most needful prayer, regardless of how that comes.
Lord, make us thankful!

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Midlife Army Wife said...

I'm behind on your blog (and others that I follow), but I'm catching up! :) I sure miss you! I LOVE this song so much. I heard it a few months ago, and God has been taking me on quite the journey using it as one of His tools. The idea that God wants to fill the longing in my soul - the hole that I keep thinking is missing in my life (more children) - is so simplistic, yet so profound! Of course! Of course HE wants me to long for HIM like that. That longing in my heart will never be satisfied by this world. Oh, to see His mercies in our darkest hours! The greatest treasure we can search for!