Monday, April 9, 2012

Adoption is a Ministry

Before we adopted, I read a book called Adoption as a Ministry, Adoption as a Blessing. I've come to realize that adoption will always be a ministry. It doesn't stop being a ministry when the kids are home and life has settled into a new normal. Five years later, when our adoptees talk and act and joke like Clarks, adoption is still a ministry.

Adoption stems from loss. It still does.

Isaac still needs to learn how to communicate his frustrations instead of just giving up because we don't understand the first time.
Maya still needs to learn to ask for help. She still doesn't always remember that we are here to help her.
They both have to be told to come to us when they are afraid. If there is a loud thunderstorm, most of my children will be afraid. But only the blue-eyed children will come to our room for comfort. So we go to them.
This is what they need and we love them enough to love them differently. The way they need love.

They are worth it.

Adoption is always a ministry.

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