Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Family News

Judah's wild and crazy cowlick was getting out of control. I decided he needed his first haircut.


Seriously, is he handsome or what? (He's only 3 months old. Hard to believe, I know!)
In other news, my twins turn 7 this week! Seven!! That's so old! Lydia still can't fathom that she was outside my belly when we adopted Daniel. She doesn't remember life without him. I just love that.

She has gotten over her desire to marry him one day. (I kept telling the big kids she would!)

She's content just to have him as her best friend.


Nealy said...

Judah, much better! I just love those Bumbos and wish I had had one for you. Love that pic of Lydia and Daniel - they really do get along like two peas in a pod. That's just such a huge blessing!

A Mama's Story said...

Matthias is still bald!!!! :) I wish he was ready for a haircut. :) Judah is such a handsome little man. :)