Monday, April 23, 2012

Foggy Sense of Time

Every Tuesday, Isaac and Daniel go to a homeschool P.E. class. They LOVE it! So, this morning Daniel was telling me that he can't wait until P.E. day because he loves dodge ball. They play lots of different sports each week, but they almost always play dodge ball.
He explained that there are different types of dodge ball: circle dodge ball and elimination dodge ball. Daniel said he likes both, but they don't play elimination dodgeball very often. "Probably only once a week."


(If you don't get it, reread it.)


Nealy said...

Poor Daniel! Clearly he wishes they would play it more often!! Maybe they will play it TWICE next week. LOL

A Mama's Story said...

oh!! Haha!!! That's so funny and oddly, I'm very proud of him for getting that.

We used to belong to a once a week PE class as well and the children loved it. We took off this year because of the new baby, but hope to get back into it later this year.