Monday, May 7, 2012

Clark Family Update

I know, I know, I haven't blogged in FOREVER! I apologize. Here's a newsy update:
We started a new school year last week. (We school year-round and start in the summer, when it's too darn hot to go outside.) It took me 3 weeks to plan our year (that's a lot for me) because this is my hardest year yet. I'm teaching 6 kids! Actually, I'm only supervising two of those, but it still took a lot of figuring to work out a schedule so I could have a certain 2-year-old occupied while we schooled. She's going through a rather unpleasant life stage and it's been a bit of a challenge. (I'm understating it significantly. Some days I want to pull my hair out.)

This cutie patootie keeps me sane. He's beyond cute. And have I told you how much he adores me? He's head over heels, I tell you. I just look at him and he lights up. It's quite a bolster for the confidence.

Oh look there's that 2-year-old having a charming moment. We still love her, pill that she is.

Baby Einstein videos have been the cornerstone of our schooling success. I exaggerate. But look how quiet and calm they are. It warms my motherly heart.
I know I mentioned that we're doing exercises to help my adoptees who weren't given the opportunity to crawl. Well as I researched this, I also discovered that the same exercises are a boon to growing babies. So Judah joined in on the fun. Here he is doing his patterning exercises. It's a passive exercise for his body, but it's an active exercise for his brain:

Last week Judah started drooling like mad, and this week his little tooth is trying to poke through, causing my little man quite a lot of discomfort. Absolutely breaks my heart.

Kyle recently pointed out that I have a lot of pictures of Chloe with Judah, like this one of them dancing together:

Simple explanation: I tend to forget I own a camera. Terrible trait for a mom. I know. But Chloe reminds me and when she says: "Mom, take a picture!" I do. I may be forgetful, but I'm obliging.

He really is a good dancer. (So long as you don't mind dancing with a really short, REALLY fat partner.) I don't. (To be honest, his love handles are extremely attractive to me.)
In other news, Daniel got a new haircut.

 Kyle did it and I actually let him.

What has gotten into me?

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MommaofMany said...

You are totally braver than I; I've never allowed a mohawk! Judah is such a little doll-baby. Those eyes just KILL me!! BTW, thanks for the video of the movements for Judah. That kind of visual may prove very helpful to someone.