Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Broken Bones & Broken Relationships

I've heard that broken bones heal stronger than they were prior to the injury. I haven't confirmed this as medically true, but I believe the same is true for broken relationships. 

When I apologize to my children, it causes them to trust me more.
When I let my children know that my attitude with the cashier at the store was wrong, it causes them to respect me more.
When I ask my husband's forgiveness in front of my children, it causes them to love me more

Humility draws others closer to us. Pride and unwillingness to ask forgiveness pushes people away.

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MommaofMany said...

Humility is a trait not often taught or practiced anymore. It doesn't come naturally...it rubs our human nature the wrong way. It's SO worth modeling, teaching and praying for.