Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Judah Update: 6 Months

Tomorrow, Judah will be 6 months old. I can't believe it! 

Recently, Judah changed his schedule and is now nursing every 4 hours, which means he only nurses 4 times a day! As a result, I've started giving him solids sooner than I'd planned, but it's fun and he seems to love it. He has just started sitting up and we all think he's a genius. He is also trying to pop out his third tooth.

I determined not to grieve when his newborn days ended and I didn't, I'm proud to say. Perhaps because he has been a big baby from the beginning! He is WAY ahead of the Clark growth pattern my girls all followed. It's been really fun experiencing the difference between boys and girls. My boy fancies himself in love with me and I am over the moon about it! Who wouldn't be flattered to have such a looker in love with them?

I mean, really.


MommaofMany said...

He is such a butterball! Yes, boys are interesting I had four girls before I had a boy. My first boys were foster and *that* was a learning experience. I was more mellow and experienced by the time a boy-by-birth came along. They will hurt themselves, come in to brag, and run off, refusing to have it cleaned up...cause, you know, blood's cool. I'm way better with that now than I was at first.

MommaofMany said...
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