Monday, June 18, 2012

Family Game Night

We never make plans for Saturday night. Since we want to make sure all the kids get showered and everything is ready to go for Sunday morning, we pretty much always keep it low key on Saturday nights. Our favorite night to socialize is Friday nights since we can stay up later, so we tend to hang out with friends on those nights.
I had been wanting to play games as a family more consistently when it hit me like a ton of bricks: we've already got a spot on the calendar for it! (Do you have "Where was my head?" moments as often as I do?)
So about a month ago we instituted Family Game Night on Saturdays. We've played PIG, Go Fish, and Snorta so far. It's been very fun and a family memory that we all look forward to and it can also be a lesson in patience for Kyle and me when all the kids are having so much fun that they keep forgetting whose turn it is. ;)  (Yes, Mom and Dad this is payback for all the times growing up when it was my turn to play and I was in la-la land.)

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MommaofMany said...

We did a family game night last week. They are SO fun! We played Uno,Othello, and Mastermind. I also "tortured" the children with some of my favorite music from my past. What fun!