Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Supervision is Necessary

I have a picture similar to this of all of my daughters (including Maya), but this one happened when I was out of the house, so my conscience is clear. {heehee} Kyle was so proud of himself that he thought to take pictures before cleaning Julia up.
We're still struggling through how to school with a 2 year-old around. Trying out School Schedule #4 today, which is focused more on keeping Julia occupied and less on how efficient we can be. You know, when I tell people this is my hardest school year yet, no one seems surprised. "Well you are schooling 6 kids!" Oh yea, there's that. But I'm not schooling 6 different grades and that does help.
Maya and Isaac are on the same level, Elena and Chloe are on the same level, and Daniel and Lydia are on the same level.
I remember being at a homeschooling seminar a couple years ago and a hot topic was what to do with the youngest. How do you keep your 3 or 4 year-old occupied when they want to join in on school too. I remember not being able to relate at all. I had two 3 year-olds and then two 4 year-olds. They kept each other occupied and so weren't at all interested in joining school.
Now the tables have turned and I get it. I'd love to school during Julia's naptime if I weren't so worn out by then. ;)


Kidcraze said...

That is my plan of attack.....keep the 2 yr old busy at the table while we do school. Or on the floor next to me. I have a whole cabinet of goodies that I only pull out during school time for her.

I especially relate to your last sentence. It's gotta get done in the morning or I am too toasted to do it during nap time. I gotta keep moving during nap time or I end up falling asleep reading to the other kids.

You'll find your groove soon!

LorettaNebraska said...

I have "compassion" for you. I am trying to school three 4 year (almost 5) year olds with a very active 3 year old. Oh my!!!!! :0)

God will give wisdom along with patience building. Oh my again. :0)