Friday, July 27, 2012

Second Generation Friendships

Is there anything better than seeing your kids' develop friendships with your friends' kids?

Amelia and Julia, 5 days apart

Warms my heart.

Lydia and Vivian, less than a year apart

One of my best friends, Gretchen, has five kids. Our kids line up almost perfectly. We love it when they play together.
This year they had lots of chances to play together while we all vacationed in Colorado together. I loved every minute!

 Chloe, Sophie, and Elena 
(Would you believe Gretchen's Sophie is the same age as my Chloe? I make short kids; Gretchen makes tall ones.)

Vivian and Lydia

Jacob and Isaac

 All of Gretchen and Ginger's kids
(see Julia throwing a fit on the top left?)


Loretta said...

Lol! I thought Gretchen was your sister!!!!

Nealy said...

Love all these pictures! Heartwarming story of friendships...