Monday, July 30, 2012

Target & Amazon's Homosexual Agenda

Forgive me while I reword this article:

Target, Amazon Opposite of Chick-fil-A on Gay Marriage

With gay  homosexual rights activists still riled up over Chick-fil-a’s LGBT criticism strong stance in favor of biblical marriage, two megastores are taking the opposite stance and making their support for gay  homosexual marriage as public as possible.

Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos became the biggest financial backer of gay homosexual marriage in the country on Friday when he and his wife MacKenzie pledged $2.5 million to support Washington state’s same-sex marriage referendum.

At the national level, Target is broadcasting its support for equal marriage rights with a wedding registry ad featuring two smiling men dressed in suits and bow ties holding hands and touching foreheads.

Read the rest of this atrocity here. We have already quit shopping at Target because of their stance against biblical marriage, but Amazon? Oh Amazon, how you have let me down!!

Note: I choose to use the word "homosexual" which correctly identifies those who have marital relations with the same gender. Gay means happy, which is a radically inappropriate word for a group of people who have such high depression and suicide rates. Homosexual "rights" gives the impression that they are somehow victims, thus the reason I omitted that word as well. "He who defines the terms controls the argument". Don't let the world tell you what words to use. You're smarter than that!


MommaofMany said...

Ick. Most days I wish the Lord would hurry up and come. Other days I am glad that He has not because I get to witness and tell one more about Him before He comes. I don't think a Christian *can* keep his money from going to these places altogether.... prayerfully trying to keep it to a minimum can't hurt, though.

Anonymous said...

hi depression and suicide rates? this article is full of hatred, and if high depression and suicide rates is indicitive of a lifestyle that is unnatural...I guess we shouldn't be in the military, either.

Andrea Hill said...

Ginger, I have followed your blog for many years and the one thing I have valued the most is your honesty and not holding back anything when it comes to the deep issues. I am at a loss this year over the presidents we have to vote for which I have no desire to vote for either but I surely would love to hear your opinion. I was wondering if you are going to blog about it at all. Thank you always Ginger for being who you are.

Anonymous said...
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