Friday, October 26, 2007

Lydia in the Limelight

We gave this doll to Maya when she first came home from Liberia, but Liddy has adopted it as her own. Regarding the head wrap, you can take the girl out of Africa, but you can't take Africa out of the girl. (Maya does carry a lot of things on her head still. She balances the laundry basket on her head and carries it downstairs that way.)

In other toddler news, Lydia had a grand time with a piece of chocolate the other day. In the first picture, she thinks she's in trouble because of the mess. In the second picture, she figured out that we thought it was funny.
One more. I got these swimsuits in the mail a few days ago. I bought two for Lydia: one in her current size and one in the next size up. (They were a great price! Tip: the best place and time to buy swimsuits is eBay in the fall.) I was so excited when the package arrived, I had Lydia and her cousin, Ainsley try them on right then. They were only too happy to oblige. I discovered the key to finding attractive modest suits is to look for "uv swimwear". Two of my faves are Gruvywear and Fishskins. Lots of cute options. The obvious bonus is great sun protection.

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