Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Revelation

"When [our children] are very young we encourage them to walk and talk. Sadly, when school begins, they are told to sit down and be quiet."
~Karen Andreola, A Charlotte Mason Companion pg. 113

This quote really resonated with me. I help teach children's church and recently the other teacher and I were brainstorming about the discipline issues we seem to have with the boys. Suddenly, I had a revelation - the real problem is with them sitting still and being quiet (a really difficult skill for a young boy). I realized that we were asking them to do something I almost never require of my children while schooling them. I read to them while they eat. I read to them while they fold laundry. I play audio books while they are stuck in their seat belts in the car. I read to them while they color, draw, do copywork.
They are taught how to sit quietly for the occasional times that require it, but I certainly don't expect it of them everyday. Is it any wonder that kids brought up on fast-paced "educational" tv shows/computer and video games are labeled hyperactive because they can't sit still in class?
This revelation gave me a lot of sympathy for all the schooled kids who, on Sunday, are being asked once more to sit and be quiet.

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Wooddells said...

AMEN! My kids NEVER sit still. Making Max run around the house several times before having to concentrate on something helps a whole lot!