Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm a Hoarder

I'm very protective about certain things. And they aren't important things at all. In fact, they're very simple, very easy to replace things. I don't know why I hoard them the way I do, but . . .
Here are some of the things I hoard:
Binder clips: I use these to attach transparency sheets to school workbooks so that I don't have to make gobs of copies. Nothing works as well, so I don't want to lose them!

Barrettes: I just can't stand it when we go somewhere with clip in and leave with clip missing. I buy hair clips in bulk at the beauty supply superstore. That one clip cost me 20 cents, now go back through the playground and find it!

I have a little basket in my desk that is just for bookmarks. I have at least 3 dozen, but they get used constantly. Don't bend the bookmarks! I don't want to have to go get more when we're at the library next! We only go to the library a couple times a week, for heaven's sake!

I also have a little basket in one of my kitchen drawers just for twix-it clips. I love these! I use them on half-used bags of frozen broccoli (yes, they're really big bags) and on bread bags. I use the big ones for bags of tortilla chips and such. You get the idea. I use them for all sorts of things. Throw one of those in the trash by accident and you may just see this mom melt into a puddle like the Wicked Witch of the West. Don't mess with my clips!

I'm Curious: Do you hoard anything? Please tell me you're as illogical as I am, even sometimes.


heartchild said...

I hoard really good pens. I am picky about them and I love a good one.

I also hoard sharpies. They are the most handy things ever. I have full size and the mini ones in several colors. I have been known to have one in my pocket ready to whip out and label something!


The Herd said...

You are so cute!!! I hoard pens,markers, but mostly pencils! I also hoard pony tail holders!!!!
I love this post!! It's so real!

Anonymous said...

Ha, I hoard pens, the neater the pen the better. I think that is it.

Diane said...

I need to be a better hoarder, myself. My kids are known to lose EVERYTHING.

MommaofMany said...

I guess the only thing I horde (besides food :) ) is kids books! I have 1000's and get about 100-150 more almost every month. My husband thinks I'm crazy.

That being said, I see the wisdom of all the things you horde, I just don't really use them! Even bookmarks...really! You are much more likely to see a scrap of paper in any book than a bookmark. I do crochet bookmarks, but I haven't done a ton of them, so they are somewhat scarce.

amada said...

hahahahaha! I think this/you are so funny! I do the same thing with binder clips and with hair clips, it is just so unreasonable, but SO the way I am!!!

I also hoard sharpie markers, and anything office/school supplies in general. silly.

Trujillo, Peru

Lori in KY said...

Oh, you'd hate me! I don't even use bookmarks. I just turn down the corner of the page. Is that sacreligious?

Shari said...

I hide and hoard good pens, too. Plus, toilet paper. Silly, but I am always afraid we will run out! LOL--Paperclips are another one of mine, and all the typical types of soaps like laundry, dish, dishwasher, bar soap, shampoo..I have no clue I just have to be "stocked" up! Also, where do you get those cool Twix-It clips? Those are neat!

Nealy said...

To look in my guest bathroom, you'd think I hoard toothbrushes. But really I just have LOTS of grandchildren! I'm such a lucky Nealy! Pappy/Don hoards everything, so I don't need to.