Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thirty-Two Snippets

Since Katie meant to tag me for this meme, and since she's such a good friend, I'll humor her.

Eight Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. Fresh eggs from our chickens
2. my book club meeting in December
3. new cabinet doors for the guest bathroom
4. finishing the quilt I keep forgetting about
5. finding out what happens to Fanny in Mansfield Park
6. Elena's 9th birthday
7. 2nd Christmas with the triplets
8. date night swap next week

Eight Things On My Wish List:

1. Another Jane Austen book
2. refinished floors
3. a new computer, but I'll keep using the kids' (it's so much better!)
4. a healthy neice or nephew this year
5. gas prices to stay this low forever
6. Pedro to be protected and blessed
7. My triplets to know how much I love them
8. All my kids to know how very grateful I am for them

Eight TV Shows That I Watch(ed when we had TV):

1. 17 Kids and Counting (I watch this at a friend's house every week.)
2. Good Eats
3. Iron Chef America
4. Wipeout
5. I don't/didn't watch 8 shows, what can I say?

Eight Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Woke up late
2. Met an internet friend and her sweet family
3. Took the kids to hear the wind symphony
4. Ate lunch at the park
5. Bought toilet paper since we only had 1 roll in the house!!
6. IMed various Bettendorfs
7. Went to the library
8. Had a home date with Kyle

And I tag: Faith, Mariposa, Jamie, Vicki, Gretchen, and Renee.

1 comment:

Jenna said...

"3. Took the kids to hear the wind symphony"

You could have just came and visited us. The boys fart a lot.