Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why Older is Better

As I mother my baby, I find that I am much more relaxed now than when I was just starting out in my mothering career. My attitude is so different now:

1. It doesn't bother me to miss out on social time because I'm taking care of my baby.

When my first two children were babies, I hated having to miss out on time with friends because I was nursing the baby, changing the baby, putting the baby to bed. Now, I understand that I'll always have time with friends, but my baby won't always be a baby. When I sit on the couch nursing while the rest of my family eats dinner together and has a lively conversation without me, I don't mind. I cherish the time alone with my baby.

2. It gets fun so much sooner.

With my first two babies, I said: "It gets fun between five and six months, when they start smiling and laughing." With Lydia and Julia, it was fun right away. I didn't care that they weren't interacting with me. I just enjoyed their babyhood.

3. I don't push myself and wear myself out.

I used to push on with whatever I wanted to do (stay up late with friends, run a bunch of errands, etc.) and then wear myself out. Now, I prioritize naptime. I still like to stay up late with friends, but I can rebound easier now than I could back in the day. (A well-treated thyroid has a lot to do with that.) I don't stress out about being tired like I used to. I know I can always take a nap later and recover.

4. Having older children makes having a baby so much more fun.

It has been so very fun having Julia with all of my "big kids". I'm not the only one excited about her new teeth, her first laugh, her first foods. They are all enthusiastic about these things too, maybe even more so. And frankly, errand-running doesn't wear me out as much because I'm not buckling kids in car seats. I buckle myself in. The end. That really does make a big difference.


L Harris said...

Thanks for posting this. :)

The Frat Pack + Me said...

this is so true!