Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm Spoiled

I love homeschooling for a bunch of reasons, not the least of which is hitting all the attractions when everyone else is in school. I love going to the zoo when it's fairly empty. The kids love getting on the carousel over and over again because there's no line.
And we love taking our family vacations when schools have just started back. (We went to Great Wolf Lodge in early April after all the Spring Breaks had just ended. We practically had the whole place to ourself.)
We try to go to Colorado once a year, usually at the end of summer when the Texas heat is unbearable. (Despite how great the kids are in the car, the 13 hour drive pushes my sanity to the outer limits.)

This year, we did something a little different. Since our drive when Lydia was a baby was really really stressful for me (listening to a crying baby that I can't help unravels me completely), we decided not to repeat that mistake. Kyle drove all the kids and I flew with Julia. We were upgraded to first class on the way there, thanks to a baby-loving attendant. It was awesome! Unfortunately I didn't get upgraded on the way home, but was in a window seat next to two men. The flight made me very grateful for home. But I did learn some things:

1. When you have a baby with you and you make a joke about being ready to get off this plane already, people assume you mean because you're with a baby. Not at all what I meant.

2. When you're having a great conversation with another traveling mommy and she finds out you have a lot more children and homeschool, you'll need to find a new conversationalist.

3. Other moms enjoy interacting with your social baby. Single men, on the other hand, don't like having their arm stroked by a fat baby hand. (I can't imagine why. I love it!)

4. You should never never board a puddle jumper with a baby and a full bladder. It makes for a very painful flight.

5. Bumpy rides in a car- not scary. Bumpy rides in a plane- unnerving. When we landed, I announced to the college students near me: I didn't scream even once! (and bowing dramatically) Thank you!
They looked at me funny and said You're welcome.


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